Jasmine Roberts Fine Art

ARF605 Negotiated study 2

ANTI SHOW Statement

Aiming to communicate ideas of the unpredictability and instability of materials, emotions, sensations, transmutation, dissociation and life. I create work in response to the word ‘unstable’ and the ‘grey area’ feeling, as I call it, linked to ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’. It is a feeling I have experienced frequently. It happens when I am lying down, waiting to fall asleep. I encounter an un-life like sensation of unsettlement, unstableness, and transmutation. My world changes between my body feeling huge, on a tiny bed in a tiny room, and feeling tiny, on an enormous bed, in a huge world. Other related themes that I am thinking about are the mind and the body, form, awareness, senses, spatial awareness, and sleep. I Intend to express my interpretations to achieve a better understanding of the grey area by exploring how to convey it.

I like my childlike expression, and the exploration of materials in an uncontrolled way. Focusing on doing and not over thinking. I work in a variety of media, this year with a focus on textiles, to create figurative sculptures. Examining the nature and boundaries of using textiles as a sculptural medium to create a range of figures. Common processes in my practice include moulding, stitching, photographing, videoing, moving, animating, and wearing. My favourite tool would most likely be the camera, as it often gives me a new perspective, and allows me to share my work more widely. Patterns of alternate scale, interaction with work and using photography and film to record and capture. I alternate between black & white, muted and vivid exaggerated colours. Textures can vary from smooth to grainy and glitchy. Utilising light or the lack of to create dreamlike impressions. I have recently explored working with liquid latex due to it having flesh like qualities. Having used dough in the past, I wanted a more permanent version that holds the same skin like characteristics. Using new materials in my practice, having less control and not being sure of the outcome is exciting for me, so I’m constantly exploring new and unusual ideas and methods. My Anti-Show work features my most recent figurative sculptures in outdoor settings close to home and Grey Self work, with myself as the Grey Man.


Usually at this stage of the academic year, we would be preparing the studio spaces at The Art School for the End of Year Degree Show but instead we have been working at home. Students and staff from Glyndwr School of Arts & Design Wrexham have decided to exhibit work within our homes, gardens, and local area. We have kept the originally date the same - Friday 22nd May, 6pm. Many of us plan to launch the exhibition as #fastantishow on Instagram.

Level 6 work for ANTI SHOW https://www.instagram.com/scafineart/

Level 6 work for ANTI SHOW (& Alec's launch in the middle) https://www.instagram.com/scafineart/



My chosen image for the launch sneek peak on the @scafineart instagram account

Watching Alec's launch live on instagram together on Teams

Dressed up to celebrate the ANTI SHOW launch

Ali Sheply, Paul Jones, Steve Hitchin, my boyfriend Tom Hughes and myself

John McClenaghn, Paul Jones, Barbra Simpson, my boyfriend Tom Hughes and myself


The Leader advertising our show

The Leader advertising our show

by Julie Griffiths @jugriff1 on Instagram

Collab with Chloe Goodwin, avertising the hashtag and launch date

A quick post with more info of the anti-show posted on my instagram and facebook stories.