Jasmine Roberts Fine Art

ARF605 Negotiated study 2

TWIG workshop by Leigh Hedd email announcment

Bricolage by local art student studying at Cardiff

18.04.19 First day of volunteering at TWIG 17 Lord St, Wrexham

Images from the bricolage workshop at TWIG led by Leigh Hedd

16.04.19 Going to TWIG's new gallery space for the first time to introduce me to volunteering there

23.04.19 2nd Bricolage workshop at TWIG led by Leigh Hedd

Posting for TWIG on their facebook, new events

Some of my favorite work in TWIG at the moment, paintings by Lynn Jones and photography by Slavka Me



Post I created to advertise TWIG's June Exhibition

TWIG email

I've been added to the TWIG facebook page adim so I can post and create events