Jasmine Roberts Fine Art

ARF605 Negotiated study 2

ARD604 Creative Futures 3

In these sub sections is evidence of my trips to galleries, studios, applications for compititions, volunteering, and taking part in exhibitions. As part of developing a creative future. ANTI SHOW has also been a part of this. 


Aiming to communicate ideas of the unpredictability and instability of materials, emotions, sensations, transmutation, dissociation and life. I create work in response to the word ‘unstable’ and the ‘grey area’ feeling, as I call it, linked to ‘Alice in Wonderland Syndrome’. Intending to express my interpretation to achieve a better understanding of the grey area by exploring how to convey it. Examining the nature and boundaries of using textiles as a sculptural medium to create a range of figures. Common processes in my practice include moulding, stitching, photographing, videoing, moving, animating, and wearing. I have recently explored working with liquid latex, having used dough in the past, I wanted a more permanent version that holds the same skin like characteristics. Using new materials in my practice, having less control and not being sure of the outcome is exciting for me, so I’m constantly exploring new and unusual ideas and methods.