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ARF605 Negotiated study 2

"GalleriaKONE is a contemporary art gallery that has operated at Verkatehtaa since 2008 - We present 12 exhibitions from visual art professionals every year - Hämeenlinna Art Loan Office also operates in connection with the gallery"

Figures I've posted to the gallery

Figures I've posted to the gallery

Figures I've posted to the gallery

Figures I've posted to the gallery

It was my first time posting work to a gallery, I took the figures to the post office, bought a suitable box for them, wrapped the ceramic more delicate figure in newspaper and paid for tracked delivery (around £17 in total). They should reach the gallery by 02.06.20

I also put the few artist cards I have spare in with the figures. 


"Hi Marja, I'm guessing this is the address. Paasikiventie 2, 13200 Hämeenlinna, Finland. Did you suggest submitting some photos through to them also to be displayed? Also I have a more up to date statement if its not too late or confusing to change the other! It's totally fine if it is though. Thank you"


Marja's response: "Hi Jasmine I'll ask about the photos....do you want them projected on to the dolls? I think that might be doable. Also how would you like them displayed? Or is it up to the curator? Yes a shorter statement would be good.x"


"Hi Jasmine. I've been writing up the statements, yours was very long so I took an extract which seemed the most relevant bit. I had to change the wording very slightly, just to make it into a written document that people will be able to understand easily...especially as most of them don't have perfect English. Have a read through what I've written below and let me know if it's ok please. Regarding your work, we aren't using the big windows now so your dolls are fine as they are. Maija will make them look good. Are you ok to pack them and send them yourself?"


My response:

"Hello, that's great thank you. Yes I should be okay to send them off myself. I've never sent things in the post before so I'll have to look into it asap. My final deadline for uni is tomorrow, Tuesday 26th so I will do it as soon as I've sent that off! Thank you"


"Hi Jasmine. I just spoke to Maija and she is very keen that you should put at least something in. Could you send me a photo of the figures that you have please? Just so I can get an idea...there might be a way we can present it to make it more substantial...like you did with the video on your dolls before at Undegun. Or maybe send some photo images too? x.marja"



"Hello locked-down artists.

Hope you're enjoying the peace/bearing the isolation? I just had a message from Maija saying that the museums and galleries in Finland are about to open again! This is kind of great because it means that our exhibition will open as planned on the 26th of June. But it's kind of not great because it means that we won't be able to go and set up the work, and meet the artists etc. I'm also pretty sure we won't be able to apply for a grant to WAI because their offices are closed and they aren't taking applications at the mo.

This email is hoping for a swift response from all of you, to say whether or not you will be able to get work ready and pay for you own postage to send it to Finland. This is obviously easy if you're just planning to send a memory stick or DVD, but some work will be much bigger/more expensive to post. If everyone can get their work to Wrexham, then we should be able to send it as a package of parcels. (Maybe it's better for yours to go direct though Penny). Obviously it depends what the situation is by then, but hopefully the restrictions will ease enough for us to get the work delivered safely. I would think that we should then get the chance to travel there at the end of summer (if it's possible obvs) to be there for the closing party, and artists talks etc. But I haven't talked to Maija about that yet so not sure. Right, not much time, I'd better make some art! Take care Marja"

"I'll have to find out more about where we are posting to etc, I haven't met the Ars Hame artists yet so it's all new to me too. They have got their own gallery in Hameenlinna, but we are not exhibiting there, but in a huge abandoned shopping centre, so I'm guessing there's a fair bit of space to fill. There will be artists from Berlin and Estonia too, as well as the Finns and us, so quite a few of us."

My response: 

"Hello! The work I would have been using is still locked in uni so I probably won't be able to submit anything properly sorry. I do have a couple of small figures at home I could possibly use, I will have a look around but I have a lot of stuff to do for uni at the moment as the final submission is May 26th!"



What I would like to use for the exhibition

What I would like to use for the exhibition

What I would like to use for the exhibition

Sketch ideas to send to Marja

Sketch ideas to send to Marja


"Thanks Jasmine So would you be up for doing a performance in Hameenlinna? At the opening night of the show? Hope so! Also I think your dolls with the projection would work really well, and would be quite easy to transport We could take the stuffing out and fill them with sand or something when we get there....Idk, what do you think? Marja"

"Hello! Awh yes I would be up for doing a performance! And that's a good idea yes! Thanks, Jasmine"

"Did you say you've got a really big one too? The space is really huge, so I think we're all going to have something fairly big or it'll look too empty."

"Awh great! Yes I've got one bigger than life size! Jasmine"


"Hi Jasmine. Could you please do a few lines about why you would like to take part in the exhibition? Just what it would contribute to your career etc. The subject matter of the exhibition is the failure of Capitalism and what might replace it. But this is very loose and can refer to how you feel (about being young maybe?) in today's unstable times. Just a quick few lines, will start writing the bid today, fingers crossed. thanks Marja"


My respone:

"Hi Marja, my response to the question! So sorry for the delay!... I would like to take part in this exhibition to develop my experience and to further expand my artist network. Being young in such unstable times, such uncertainty is overwhelming and confusing for me. This year I have explored the word ‘unstable’ by using a variety of mediums and processes. I felt most connected to the word unstable in comparison to other words, it has more relation to how I’ve been feeling and the ideas for work I’ve been having. Thanks Jasmine Roberts"

14.01.20 First email about the exhibition in Hameenlinna, Finland from Marja Bonda

"Hello artists Right! I am going to make an application to Wales Arts International for us all to go to Finland in June. The opening night is 26th June, so we will leave a few days before that. If you are able to come on this trip, which will be about 5 days long, then please can you send a statement about your work and why this trip will be helpful for your career. I need to start writing the bid as soon as possible, and I have been told that I need your statements first so they can act as a starting point. I need to know why you want to go to Hameenlinna and be part of this show. If you have realised that you won't be able to go on the trip, but can still send work, that is fine, we can hang it for you, just let me know. If you have realised you don't want to do it at all, then please let me know straight away so I can get on with finding someone else. Sorry to hassle you, but if we don't get started, it's not going to happen at all. Thankyou ps. It will be great! Marja"

"Ps. The Ars-Hame artists will be coming to Undegun in September 2021, not 2020 as I said in my last email."